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Man Overboard! is aimed primarily at those Members who operate tugs and barges in United States domestic trade. It comprises a range of media applications, including posters for use both on board and ashore, as well as video animations that you will find below.

It is intended to foster awareness of the dangers which can lead to people falling overboard on the vessels and structures which form part of their daily round. It is also intended to reinforce the larger culture of safety to which Members are already committed, and to which it is hoped Man Overboard! will be a valuable addition.

The many moving parts and rapidly changing conditions of tug and barge operations make training in support of strong situational awareness vitally important. This is particularly the case in preventing overboard incidents, which form a significant proportion of injuries involving crew and other personnel within the United States waterways system.

Statistics and Causes
Critical Activities
Best Practices and Prevention
Safety as a Core Value
PPE, Clothing, Do's and Dont's
Do's and Dont's, Part 2
Man Overboard Actions
Rescuing Personnel and Summary Part 1
Summary Part 2




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