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Slips, trips and falls are the primary cause of injuries and potential loss of life aboard ship.  Situational awareness, applying proper safety procedures and using the appropriate equipment are key to preventing these incidents.  We recommend that Members review and disseminate this information onboard ship to bring a greater safety awareness to the crew in preventing slips, trips and falls.

Furthermore, in 2018, the American Club, in partnership with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lamar University (Lamar), launched a project aimed at reducing accidents caused by unsafe conditions both aboard and in the vicinity of vessels. The initiative’s long-term objective was to develop recommendations aimed at improving the day-to-day safety of maritime personnel, both afloat and ashore, through sharing the results of data analyses derived from this initiative. Your Managers are pleased to present the initial findings of the 2018 initiative, Maritime Slips, Trips, Falls and Lifting Injuries as attached.


Slips, trips and falls: Case studies

Case study #1: Wise up before you rise up!

Case study #2: Fix it before the fall!

Case study #3: Pay attention to pool slip prevention!

Case study #4: Drop the flip flop!

Case study #5: Every Step Matters

Shipboard Safety

The Managers are pleased to announce the release of the Club publication:  Shipboard SafetyShipboard Safety is the second in a series of booklets published by the American Club with the intention of enhancing the safety of working conditions at sea. It is part of the Club’s continuing efforts to promote loss prevention initiatives in an easy-to-read and visually striking format.

It is commonly understood that the diligence of shipowners, ship managers, and crew is imperative in ensuring shipboard safety. Nevertheless, the ‘rubber meets the road’ with the seafarer who is ultimately responsible for ensuring safety and environmental protection as well as being the agent through whom proper safety measures are implemented.

The safety of the seafarer is the most important concern. When looking at personal injury claims, we find that it is the small things that lead to injuries such as trips, falls, improper lifting, lifeboat drills and entry into enclosed spaces.

Shipboard Safety is a reminder to seafarers about safe work practices that prevent and mitigate accidents associated with the daily hazards of working onboard ship. A strong safety culture, safety awareness, situational awareness and due diligence are key to reducing the incidence of human error leading to accidents.

Shipboard Safety Comic (PDF)

Slips, trips, falls and lifting posters

Poster 2: Watch Your Step!

Poster 4: Proper Lifting Prevents Back Injuries

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