Standard P&I and FD&D insurance may not cover all of the potential risks that a member might face. The Club has therefore developed an extensive line of ancillary covers to address these risks. These ancillary covers are provided by market underwriters, either as a direct insurance for the member, or as a re-insurance of the Club.

The Club is able to arrange appropriate ancillary covers on a case-by-case basis, as and when they may be required by the members. If a member knows, however, that they will regularly be facing risks that fall outside of the normal covers, then the Club would be able to provide a full and comprehensive set of ancillary covers for a member's entire fleet for the policy year.

The Club is able to customize covers that efficiently and effectively address a member's exposure to risks. If you would like us to review and evaluate your unique situation, then please contact the Club's underwriting department. There are many ancillary covers, but the most common ancillary covers are summarized briefly below.


Shipowners' Liability (SOL) Insurance

Breaches of Contract of Carriage of Cargo

Extended Cargo Liability Insurance

Carriage of Cargo on Deck with Under Deck Bills of Lading

Carriage of Ad Valorem Cargo

Carriage of Rare and Valuable Cargo

Liability as Bailee of Cargo

Extended Contractual Liability (ECL) Insurance

Specialist Operations

Towage by an Insured Vessel

Towage of an Insured Vessel

Crew Familiarization/Pre-Delivery Crew Cover

Liabilities Caused by and to "Other" Personnel

Family Members Travelling with Crew

Passenger Extension

Comprehensive Tug and Barge Insurance (USA)