The first few hours following a claims incident or major casualty are crucial in terms of the steps to be taken to minimize the risk and exposure of the Member and, in turn, the Club. The American Club's Managers have a team of experienced professionals who will be able to assist Members at any time of day with emergency casualty response should the need arise. With offices in New York, London, Piraeus, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Houston, the Managers' staff comprises of experienced claims executives who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to assist the membership.

In the context of major casualties (e.g., incidents involving pollution, vessel sinking, grounding, collision, engine breakdown, and/or loss of life of serious injury / illness), the stakes and potential exposures are even higher. If a Member experiences a major incident or casualty anywhere in the world and requires urgent assistance, it should immediately contact the Managers' Claims Department at the following Emergency Response Number:


This number should also be listed by Members in their respective Vessel Response Plans as the Club's emergency contact number pursuant to any local regulations to which they might be subject.

If the Member needs immediate assistance with a new, standard or generic P&I or FD&D matter (i.e., not a major casualty as referenced above), the Member may directly contact any of the Managers' Claims Executives at one of their offices worldwide. For after-office contact details please go to Our People.

Through such prompt attendance and coordination of assets and stakeholders, the Club aims to assist Members with a swift and effective response to any emergency. The American Club's assistance will include identifying imminent risks, minimizing the risk of loss of life or injury to property, minimizing the potential for pollution and other damage; coordinating efforts with legal and other specialist advisors to develop effective risk management strategies; establish clear lines of communication between the Club and the Member, as well as with on-site representatives, and any relevant maritime or other local authorities; and assisting with incident investigation and any subsequent handling of the incident.

Members are encouraged to take a moment to visit the Claims Section of the Club's website where they will find guidance on what they need to consider when a claim occurs, and what Members can expect from the Club.