General Information

The Club requires seafarers originating from Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Philippines, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation and Ukraine must comply with the requirements of the American Club PEME Program as follows:

  1. Seafarers must be subject to a medical examination at a Club-approved clinic as listed on the following link: American Club Approved PEME Clinics. The costs of the American Club PEMEs is periodically updated and the prices are summarized on the Price List for American Club PEMEs.
  2. The shipboard employee must obtain an American Club approved medical examination and the clinic complete in full the American Club Pre-Employment Medical Examination Form as per the Guidance on Standards for Pre-Employment Medical Examinations - March 2019. The Club-approved clinics have been instructed to retain a copy of the PEME medical forms should there be questions about the validity of a particular PEME. The seafarer is to retain the original copy with the security hologram validated sticker affixed. The requirements of the PEME will not be considered fulfilled until the American Club Pre-Employment Medical Examination Form is completed in full by the Club-approved clinic.
  3. American Club PEMEs will be valid for two (2) years in harmony with Regulation 1.2 (Medical Certificate), Standard A1.2, paragraph 7(a) of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, by virtue of which seafarers' medical certificates issued under the Convention will be valid for a maximum of two years.

The American Club understands the importance to ensure the highest quality and ethics in the interest of both shipowner and seafarers alike. In that spirit, the American Club's PEME program adheres to the standards as set forth by the International Group of P&I Club Pre-Employment Medical Standards, Guidance for Clubs.

Additional Guidance on the PEME Program

Should Members have any questions, they are asked to contact Dr. William Moore, Senior Vice President at +1 212 847 4542 or by e-mail at [email protected]  or Ms. Danielle Centeno, Assistant Vice President – Loss Prevention & Survey Compliance, at [email protected]

Approved PEME Clinics