Tugs, barges and ships are exposed to unique risks while transiting inland waterways. The Club has produced two best practices guidance documents that address these risks.

Ship Anchoring and Mooring Considerations in US Rivers During High Water Conditions provides an overview of best practices for midstream buoy mooring, actions to be taken to prevent fouled or stuck anchors, and further recommendations on actions to be taken if anchors, or anchor chains, are lost.

Barge Fleeting Area Issues & Best Practices addresses the unique risks associated with fleeting operations, as well as the regulations which apply, to them, and outlines the best practices to follow when interacting with barge fleeting areas.

Man Overboard! is aimed primarily at those Members who operate tugs and barges in United States domestic trade. It comprises a range of media applications, including posters for use both on board and ashore, as well as video animations that you will find below.