Seafarers are not immune to infectious diseases at home, abroad, on board ship or on shore leave.  These diseases can be costly in injury and death claims to our Members. We recommend that Members review this information and contact the Managers for any further guidance and information.

Charter Party & Other Contractual Considerations

Trading to nations afflicted by infectious diseases may create charter party and contractual disputes. Each case will depend on its facts. Your Managers have prepared Infectious Diseases: Charter Party and Other Contractual Considerations for Members when considering charter parties and relevant contracts if trading in infectious disease afflicted regions.

Furthermore, it is recommended that Members consult with the Managers not only to coordinate their efforts, obtain advice and take appropriate measures to best protect their interests, but also to stay abreast of all new and significant developments in regard to any specific infectious disease outbreak.

Infectious Diseases is also available in translation, in:

  Monkeypox Virus

  2019 Coronavirus



  Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)


  Yellow Fever

  Zika Virus

  Ebola Virus Disease

  Dengue Fever