The American Club has released a series of posters available to Members upon request dealing with matters of safety, protection of the marine environment and maritime security.Please click on title below to view poster:

Poster 1: It Needs To Work Every time!

Poster 2: Watch Your Step!

Poster 3: Take Control Of Fatigue

Poster 4: Proper Lifting Prevents Back Injuries

Poster 5: Have Respect For The Dangers Of Enclosed Spaces

Poster 6: Ship Security Is Everyone's Responsibility. Stay Alert!

Poster 7: Bypassing The Oily Water Separator Is A Short Cut To Jail!

Poster 8: Be Alert! Everywhere, At All Times

Poster 9: Are Your Hatches Tight?

Poster 10: Keep Your Eyes Focused on Safety!

Poster 11: Safely Navigate Through a Sea of Distractions!