Circular No. 12/97 - Management News






Dear Member:Circular No. 12/97




The Managers are pleased to announce recent recruitment and other internal developments which are designed to consolidate and enhance the provision of American Club service to its Members.


The Club's claims handling capabilities have recently been strengthened by the recruitment to Shipowners Claims Bureau of Mr. Renan L. Alamina, a well-known figure within the North American P&I world. Mr. Alamina joins the management company as Vice President. He brings with him a quarter century of claims handling experience gained within the shipowning, Club correspondency and Club management spheres. Reporting to Mr. W.A. Craig, who remains as Senior Vice President in overall charge of claims handling, Mr. Alamina will take over some of the work previously dealt with by Mr. Edward Jones who recently retired from the company after many years' service.


In addition to this, Mr. Donald R. Moore, Vice President, has recently been assigned to undertake a larger P&I claims handling role following rationalization of the management company's average adjusting activities. Mr. Moore will already be familiar to many Members as the Club's dedicated safety officer. He brings with him a wealth of both professional and practical experience. A qualified average adjuster with a degree from SUNY at Fort Schuyler, Mr. Moore earlier in his career saw service in the U.S. Navy.


The Managers are also pleased to announce the recent promotion to Vice President of Mr. Donald E. Messick. Mr. Messick will continue to be involved in the wide range of claims handling activity in which he has traditionally been engaged, utilizing too his particular expertise in pollution and other oil-related claims. A graduate from SUNY at Fort Schuyler, Mr. Messick has in his career served in both the U.S. Merchant Marine and has held a reserve commission in the U.S. Navy.


Finally, the Managers have pleasure in reporting the recent promotions to Assistant Vice President of Mr. George F. Grauling and Mr. Lars Gustafson, both of whom will again be well-known to many Members of the Club. They will continue to undertake claims handling responsibilities within the management, with Mr. Gustafson to be increasingly involved in the Club's marketing and underwriting activity.


We are sure that Members will join the Managers in wishing the gentlemen mentioned above the best of good fortune in their continuing endeavors on behalf of the Club. Along with everyone else in the management team, they remain singlemindedly committed to the provision of unsurpassed levels of service to the membership.


Yours faithfully,





Joseph E.M. Hughes

Chairman & CEO