Allied Maritime, Inc. adopted a novel approach for dunnage to significantly improve the protection for the carriage of bagged rice. This animation provides a summary of the practice of using plastic or nylon sheeting, Styrofoam and kraft paper as dunnage for carriage of bagged rice on bulk carriers.

The following photos show the placement of dunnage materials for carriage of bagged rice cargoes on bulk carriers using the combination of plastic or nylon sheeting, Styrofoam and kraft paper.


Bundles of sheets of Styrofoam and rolls of kraft paper on deck ready for use as dunnage in the cargo holds.
Kraft paper overlaid with plastic sheeting on the tank top and continued vertically along the corrugated transverse bulkhead.
Styrofoam dunnage lay between the side shell frames and overlaid with blue plastic sheeting.
Saw dust in burlap bags are inserted at transition point between sideshell and top of the hopper tank to absorb excess condensation resulting from ship sweat.
Stevedore inserting Styrofoam sheet between hatch coaming and plastic sheeting.
Cargo has been loaded to the foot of the hatch coamings and overlaid with kraft paper prior to the hatch cover being closed.